Prenatal Care

Dr. Sullum offers preconception counseling and advice for patients who desire to get pregnant. As a solo practitioner, he provides personalized, thorough prenatal care in the office throughout the pregnancy. Once a viable pregnancy has been established, most visits occur every 4 weeks until approximately 28-32 weeks, when they become every 2 weeks, and then every week at the end of the pregnancy. Most blood tests are drawn by Dr. Sullum in the office, while a few need to be obtained at outside facilities. Some ultrasounds are preformed by Dr. Sullum in the office, while a number of ultrasounds are preformed offsite by maternal fetal medicine specialists who Dr. Sullum has worked closely with for many years.

Dr. Sullum delivers babies at Mount Sinai Hospital which is located across the street from Central Park at 1176 Fifth Avenue (at 99th street). There are private labor and delivery rooms, and optional private rooms for post-partum care (after delivery). Mount Sinai hospital uses an integrated team approach to labor and delivery involving obstetricians, anesthesiologists, residents, nurses, pediatricians and other team members. Mount Sinai Hospital Labor and Delivery is staffed by 24-hour on-call anesthesiologists should you desire an epidural or other anesthesia. There is also an excellent Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) located just above the labor and delivery floor should there be a premature or high risk delivery.


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