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Endearing Prenatal Care:

The NYC OBGYN facility has a well-qualified counselling team that offers quality advice to the patients who are looking forward to conceiving. Dr. Sullum himself looks up for the majority of cases so that the patients do not feel restricted to the medical firm’s well-defined services. For pregnant ladies, the prenatal care provided by the NYC OBGYN is exquisitely facilitated so that proper care and support can be provided. Even the related tests to the pregnancy weeks are carried out by the staff and the doctor for a healthy and periodic check-up. While most of the tests are fully formulated within the medical care facility itself, a few intricate ones might require help from other facilities that is also carried out without any troubles for the patients. Dr. Sullum usually takes Even prenatal care services such as Ultrasound etc. care. He might still refer to other reputed facilities for this particular service and personally makes sure that the medical care is full-fledged.

Dr. Sullum has personally helped in the delivery procedures at Mount Sinai Hospital located here at the 1176 Fifth Avenue. The excellent experience of the doctor plus the quality medical services of Mount Sinai Hospital is always ready to help the patients with quality prenatal services here. An ICU unit of the highest calibre has been established here which offer risk-free deliveries and also the best care possible. Those emergency deliveries are well monitored by the experience doctors and staff here to ensure that the patients get the best there is. Certainly, such NYC OBGYN facilities could not have been witnessed anywhere else.

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